Mobile Applications That Improve Environmental Awareness

Once people joined in communities if they wanted to take actions. Today it is much easier – just pick up your cell phone and use an app. Tackling climate change is available to download as well. By now, developers introduced a number of apps that help people to prepare for Earth Day or live a little bit more sustainable without refusing from daily commute or lunch.
Carma Carpooling is a service that allows people to share their daily commute, save money, and release fewer greenhouse gases. Carpooling with the platform is cheaper than catching the bus. The service is available in most US cities and around the world.
Climate is a popular app that helps to discover more about climate change and take actions. The platform unites people with tangible climate saving solutions and allows them to share actions on social media and call others to action.
Dropcountr app is very useful in the household as it helps to track licks and save water. It shows users how much water they use, compares results to that of other people, indicates any leaks and the amount of water wasted. It actually helps people estimate their water consumption adequately.
GoodGuide helps consumers to make informed choices instead of falling victims of marketing campaigns. The app has more than 250,000 food, household, and personal care products in its database. It rates products according to their safety and environmental impact.
Farmstand is another useful app for consumers. It helps to discover locally grown food and farmers in the area. Farmstand is an easy way to find farmers for people who used to shop at supermarkets. Here we can choose a farmer with a good rating and read comments from other customers. Buying local food is a good way to save health and environment at a time.

Technologies to Find Water in Hostile Environments

Under conditions of global warming, most people are concerned about their water resources. Even citizens of industrialized countries think about the amount of water they use every day and the quality of drinking water. People living close to deserts in harsh weather conditions think of collecting at least some drinking water. They daily make long trips to carry some water so that they could make food and drink without the fear of getting infected. Finding water in hostile environment with no villages around looks almost impossible. However, scientists already have some solutions to the problem.
A team from the University of California, Berkeley, developed the device that makes water from the hot desert air. It collects humidity and precipitation and further cleans them through vaporization and condensation. The invention work when the humidity in at least 20% humidity and it collects 2.8 liters of water with a kilogram of its own construction. Developers are planning to distribute the device through non-profit organizations and local governments of the Middle East and Africa.
A Japanese multinational conglomerate Hitachi has been working on the device for desalination of water in desert regions for decades. Today, solar-powered desalination plants work in Abu Dhabi Emirate to extract available groundwater and use it for drinking and irrigation. There is no permanent fresh water in the region and rainfalls are very scarce. The point of Hitachi is to create desert ecosystems, especially re-introduce the population of the Arabian Oryx in the desert.

Five Ways to Mitigate Effects of Deforestation

Deforestation is essential for many industries, among them construction and other high-income ones. Timber is a costly natural resource, and researchers suppose we will run off it first thing in future. We are aware of how scarce our present-day forests are compared to what we had a century ago. But we cannot oppose the omnipresent construction, therefore, reforestation is little that remains to restore damaged areas.
Reforestation is effective in urban or suburban places protected from further construction. The things are more difficult with tropical rainforests. They cover huge landscapes that are mostly unprotected from illicit dealers. It is more difficult to watch over restored areas in tropics so that it makes sense to enhance the protection of trees that grow there. After all, once wild animals migrate from their former habitat, it will not renew fast enough for them to come back.
While international organizations and local groups try to protect wild forests, developed countries introduced their alternatives to reforestation. Today we practice eco-forestry that implies cutting selected trees and transporting them carefully. Commercial timber extraction is permitted though limited. This practice often comes together with community forestry. It implies that communities take actions to keep their forests sustainable.
Once the tree is cut, it is easily wasted. Green business focuses on recycling paper and wood products to make use of the timber that is still good for the industry. Environmentally responsible consumerism always calls for recycling to cut down rubbish stocked in landfills. These techniques help to break off the tradition of cutting woods and wasting timber that is more precious than we used to think.

Drought and Its Influence on Soil Quality

Climate change brought extreme weather conditions to many areas that had seen no disasters. Droughts, floods, storms, and hurricanes damage farms and crops in the first place. While the danger of hurricanes is limited mostly to coastal areas, droughts and floods are universal. Droughts distress not only farmers but also ranchers, fisheries, water companies, and related industries.
Among the major impacts of droughts, we have the destruction of wildlife and fish habitat, lack of drinking water for wild animals, and abundance of wildfires. Farmers are more concerned with the necessity of irrigation that does little to eliminate the danger for crops. Besides, it is reported that droughts decrease the quality of soils. Extreme weather conditions (both droughts and floods) change chemical, physical, and biological properties of soils making them infertile.
In the middle of a drought, the following processes occur in soil. Lack of moist disturbs fermentation and other microbial activities. Precious nutrients do not form because there is no moist to catalyze digestion of organic matter. Eventually, soil organic matter decomposes and releases the excess of nitrate and carbon dioxide. The absence of water makes it impossible for crops to uptake nutrients. All the chain of chemical reaction in soil is disturbed and plants cannot take few nutrients that remain.
To eliminate the damaging effect of droughts, farmers use several methods. First, they cover fields with residues after the crop has been harvested. It allows better water infiltration as the season is over. They may plant cover crops instead that protects soil from erosion and increases its fertility. And last, crop rotation is the golden rule for farmers. Changing the place for cultivating different crops is essential to maintain soil health.

Using Mobile Technology to Report Environmental Impact

Wireless technology is strongly associated with environmental damage. Cell phones are produced and sold in huge numbers, and eventually, most of the digital wastes are dumped in the developing countries of Asia. Besides, technology requires more power with every year, and we still do not produce so much of it from renewable sources. At the same time, cell phones and tabs are not about wasting environment. Today, NGOs and environmentalists have an app to check and monitor everything they need.
Air quality is a top concern for Chinese residents. In China, you can find a lot of apps that connect to devices measuring the quality of local areas. Monitoring indoor and outdoor air is vital here so that using a mobile app is an everyday necessity. Cell phones with sensors embedded in them can check the quality of air here and now.
Water pollution and supply is another common problem. Indian farmers use cell phones to operate their irrigation systems. NGOs use data tracking technology to monitor water supply in crisis areas. Individual users can use technology to find the closest place where they can get clean fresh water.
Many activists take interest in how to protect endangered animals with the help of cell phones. Animal protection organization in Africa use technology to track GPS-collared elephants to avoid confrontations between animals and farmers. Mobile apps also help to report information about animals hurt by poachers and send for the first aid as quickly as possible. In tropical forests, GPS is essential to search for animals effectively.

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